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Fadel Soaps Company for the manufacture of olive oil's soap and natural laurel soap was founded in 1937 by its founder: Mr. Fadel Fadel in Aleppo, Syrian. Which is a historical famous city for this industry and it is one of the most important legacy industries for this city.

The cultivation of olives in abundance there, and the appropriate of atmosphere for it, helped in its success and spread.

Large quantities of this product are also exported to Arab and foreign countries due to the importance and benefit of this product since it is natural, environment friendly & it does not contain harmful chemical substances to the skin and environment. It is also beneficial for the skin and maintains its softness and freshness.

Laurel soap is one of the most famous types of soap in the world and it may be one of the oldest types of soap known in history.

Mr. Amr Fadel (the son of the founder) established a new factory in 2001 in the industrial city of Aleppo (Sheikh Najjar) in order to develop the business to excel its counterparts in the world.

Mr. Amr Fadel pursued to spread into European countries such as: France, Germany, Holland, Sweden & many other East Asian countries like: Japan and South Korea.

In 2013, Mr. Amr Fadel and his sons moved to Turkey and the factory headquarters moved from the city of Aleppo to the Turkish city of Gaziantep. Since this city has very similar climate to Aleppo and in terms of the availability of raw materials needed.


This is Najaroglu…

Mid 80’s - Mr. Samir Najar started working in the detergents industry in Aleppo, Syria.

Later on, Mr. Najar decided to go back to his roots by making the famous Aleppo soap, a tradition which he’s inherited from his mother’s family.

He continued working in this industry and improving upon this ancient soap by relying on science and research.

2006 - After a lot of studying, he was finally able to add liquid Aleppo soap and many other products based on laurel and olive oils to his production line.

2013 - Due to the pressure of the Syrian war, Samer fled the country with his family to Gaziantep, located in the south of Turkey near the Syrian borders, where he started from ground-zero all over again.

2018 – Mr. Najar was finally able re-establish his company under the name Najaroglu.

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