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Akkad Trading 

Akkad Trading is a trading and commercial brokerage company based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

Akkad Trading is an online only store, which means our products are only available through our website. Make sure you are in the correct website: / /

Company Vision:

To be one of the leading companies in providing Organic, Traditional, Hand made products. Such as olive oil soaps (bars and liquid), paintings, and more products variety. 

Company Mission: 

To make the consumers closer to the nature, such as showing the benefits of the olive oil soaps, getting a unique painting that comes only in one. While making the products easily accessible and reachable for the consumers through the online store.

Olive Oil Soaps Benefits for skin*:

  • It does not cause skin allergies
  • It gives softness and luster
  • It makes the skin smoother
  • Prevention of some skin problems
  • A good antiseptic to kill bacteria and germs on the skin
  • It maintains the freshness of the skin and helps to soften the skin
  • It smells fragrant and refreshing It kills germs and bacteria
  • It helps get rid of acne that appears on the face

Olive Oil Soaps Benefits for hair*:

  • It works to give the hair luster and soft texture
  • It helps to prevent the emergence of some skin diseases that may affect the scalp, the most important of which is alopecia
  • It smells fragrant and refreshing It kills germs and bacteria
  • It helps in the first place to get rid of annoying dandruff
  • It works to strengthen hair follicles
  • It strengthens the hair and prevents it from falling out or splitting and this problem is experienced by most people, both men and women
  • It helps delay the appearance of gray hair

*Disclaimer: The above benefits for skin and hair are general based on the history of using the olive oil soaps and no medical studies are made about it. 

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